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The social media Kendall & Kylie game cheats

You might be very excited after hearing that Kendall and Kylie have launched their new game. By now you may have read feedbacks and reviews on the game and you cannot wait to lay your hands on it. Launched by the Glu games Inc. the game is all about achieving stardom and for that you have to start as an average person who starts by working in a small salon. That will be the place which Kendall and Kylie will visit.

As the game proceeds you have to gain followers on the social media by posting selfies with the two sisters. It also requires you to collect k-gem diamonds, energy and many other things that will help you progress to higher levels. The game is filled with fun as you get to pick your own answers on the questions asked and get different results based on your feedbacks. The game involves drama, fashion and gives a major challenge of becoming a star.

Just like in real life the game also have social as a powerful tool. You have to utilize the social media and collect as many followers as possible. One great kendall & kylie game cheats is that you have to add your real friends to let them join you in the game. The more your circle expands the faster you will progress in the game.

Add your friends and share about it on the social media so that more people will join you in the game. The bigger the circle of friends the more you will be able to help each other in progressing in the game.

The friends you add can help you in completing the missions that you are given in the game. They can also send you goodies which are necessary for going forward in the game. Those friends you add can also give you real likes on twitter and facebook and those like you get matters in the game. so this means adding friends has a lot of advantages so it is something you should really do if you want to succeed in the game.